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Ukutula is conveniently situated within an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The game farm comprises 260 hectares of unspoiled bush veld boasting a variety of antelope species, giraffe and zebra.

Ukutula is also home to more than 130 different bird species.

Known as the “place of quiet” the lodge is nestled in lush bush veld where the roar of the lion can be heard for miles around.

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  • Ukutula was an eye opener and a special place...will miss it every day...thanks for the new friends and family I made there ... every person must go to Ukutula with out any second thoughts...will miss you all...‪#‎bestplace‬#friends#family

    Gert Nel via Facebook
  • Hello Ukutula, I was in South Africa in September and spent a day at Ukutula (lion interaction). It was a lovely day.

    Annick Schaerlaeken via Facebook
  • I have been to Ukutula twice. I have a great love for animals and I am against the killing of any animal for sport. I realize that there are various opinions about holding cubs or walking with the lions. I want to commend the owners of Ukutula for raising the awareness of the beauty of lions and cheetahs. Maybe if young boys and girls have a hands-on experience with a lion they will be less likely to grow up wanting to kill one. The owners are ethical and good people. Thank you for the goodness you are doing. Many thanks.

    Diane Hudobenko via Facebook
  • Everything about our day trip to Ukutula was wonderful. The guides were informative teachers about the animals and their environment ... they explained well the research being done to help eradicate TB among the wildlife as well as feline AIDS—At least 5 universities are partnering with Ukutula for this positive goal. We witnessed the letters and paperwork stating the positive environment in which these animals are cared for. They are carefully followed when leaving this place to be sure they do not become gaming animals or treated improperly. Loved our experience and am grateful for what they are accomplishing. The tourism portion helps to provide the proper care for the animals so proper research can be done ...This is good. There's a Volunteer program where volunteers from all over the world spend time serving the animals and staff. I highly recommend.

    Debra Boss-Hullinger via Facebook
  • How amazing to experience this, thank you to everyone at Ukutula for a wonderful stay, great food, awesome service, well done.

    Heidi Brukman via Facebook
  • Had been here about 20 days back...its a great place to see the great cats up close and interact with them..a definite place to visit if you love these animals and always dreamt of seeing them. The guides are very interactive and nice to speak too. It was an amazing experience which i shall cherish for days to come Keep up the good work!!

    Vinutha Manjunath via Facebook
  • Thank you once again for a great tour and weekend. We will definitely visit again.

    Chantal Louise Gobey via Facebook